This term or term should not be a descriptor in line with the lack of its contrary

This term or term should not be a descriptor in line with the lack of its contrary

Not always a virgin, but some body that contains consciously picked to stay solitary for life (and is pleased with that decision). Ideally, discover a single term because of it. Instance: Ralph Nader

Obviously, there isn’t a term for this. Very, is any person capable of making up a word because of this?

  • Perhaps not in every relationship by possibility
  • Perhaps not interested in ever-being in a commitment
  • Happy and quite happy with that decision
  • Phrase should ideally become unambiguous rather escort Baton Rouge than has additional connotations

UPDATE: It should perhaps not misdescribe the aforementioned requirements as a lack of wish to have sexual activity. The aforementioned individual is likely to be completely happier having sexual intercourse but decides to not be in a long-lasting relationship. You are able to imagine it as getting married to nobody (which can be not the same as a lack of a marriage). They very likely will not have sex with other people. However, are hitched to nobody doesn’t mean that they dislike sexual communications or romance—however extremely correlated they are.

a phrase would work if no one-word descriptor is available

This word or term really should not be derogatory at all. It will not rewording of a spinster—which is describing her commitment position as though they «hit down» or «failed in order to get grip» to locate a mate. Someone tends to be content and complete as singletons. This descriptor should unambiguously describe they are content with your decision and that they opted for it of their own no-cost will likely (although they could effortlessly, and at when, maintain a relationship should they thus select). Quite simply, they are not single caused by failure. They truly are unmarried because they thought we would end up being.

If no keyword that defines this is currently available, please form your own keyword and provide the recommended dictionary definition. Should you very, please note that you are generating this phrase and that is your submission.

I read «affirmed bachelor» for males. The actual only real words I’ve heard for ladies include rather derogatory («old maid» or «spinster»). «verified bachelorette» would be analogous but isn’t common but.

Modify according to reviews: obviously «verified bachelor» has some other connotations in a few forums. I’m not sure just how prevalent that’s; I would never heard that before.

Helen Fielding, composer of Bridget Jones’s journal borrowed/coined/used the term singleton to suit this bill:

The primary focus of land are Bridget’s relationship. The lady view divides worldwide into «Singletons,» — unmarried and romantically unattached someone, of who the woman is one — and «Smug Marrieds,» by who she is encircled.

Here she expounds on name some in a job interview with Ashton Applewhite:

Need men in fact read as a result? Smug Marrieds posses, because nobody requires me personally whether i am partnered any more. With no even more patronizing commentary from my wedded buddies; their unique attitudes really have changed. It may sound impolite to visit a Smug Married and state, «just how’s their marriage heading, however having sexual intercourse?», but not to go up to a Singleton and say, «How’s the love life?» It is big if folk realize there is not only one strategy to reside. That’s an old-fashioned principle, and I envision it really is losing their grip on united states. Existence in cities is extremely comparable all over the globe, and people perform usually inhabit urban people approximately in nuclear your. They’re not worse off or best off; the overriding point is that it’s no longer unusual to-be unmarried.

One of the delights of reading Bridget could be the vocabulary your devised. Have you got a well liked keyword or term? I am happy regarding keyword «singleton,» which definitely was not my personal phrase. A friend made it up for an event: «singletons in a single lodge, marrieds an additional!» «Spinster» try horrible, with connotations of rotating wheels failure. «Singletons» good phrase, and it also applies to men and women

I’ve, on occasion, heard this type of people being expressed making use of the term bachelor by solution.

I am worried you simply won’t select a presently founded phrase while using the connotations and meanings you require the most. I think celibate could be the closest, because it’s the only single-word-term that usually provides the connotation preference. The downside to it is the unavoidable reference to religion, and that I see that you’ren’t interested in that meaning. Therefore it matches aided by the basic three of your criteria.

You’ll likely need to make one-up. Without having the «gay» connotation (in the event it is available), i believe verified bachelor/ette is the better offer up until now.

Volitional or discretionary bachelor/ette pops into the mind.

For a single phrase – voluntagamus indicates literally choice-unmarried in Latin. But we question whether you might actually ever incorporate a personally coined term.

Each celibate is the one who chooses are single (or not have sexual intercourse).

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