Most Of ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Victoria Fuller History And Provide Controversies, Discussed

Most Of ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Victoria Fuller History And Provide Controversies, Discussed

Merissa furthermore mentioned Victoria’s perhaps not actually timid IRL.

Peter’s ex Merissa additionally informed United States Weekly your Bachelor contestant’s «coy» TV image is completely distinctive from the «self-centered» individual this woman is IRL.

If you have a guy she wants, she’s like, ‘He’s mine.’ You will find a one-way road around and no one else gets engaging, Merissa said. She simply believes the world centers around the girl and she’s the greatest thing that’s previously hit this environment. And actually by far the most troubling thing thus far of all of the within this got the intimate apparel event that she simply acted like she was actually this coy person. The individuals in Virginia seashore were also since that’s perhaps not your at all. You’re always usually the one from inside the club hoping interest.

That isn’t all. The very first experience was that she said she would reduce my wheels because I happened to be hanging out with one of the lady ex-boyfriends. And: «It was three months out that she involved to leave the Bachelor and she merely turned into a tremendously self-centered people and in addition we were all-out for our friend’s birthday celebration and she had been simply performing insane.

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